The Original Pawleys Island Hammock Has Been the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day for Over 130 Years

GREENVILLE, N.C., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Original Pawleys Island Hammock ( story goes back to Carolina Low Country more than…

GREENVILLE, N.C., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Original Pawleys Island Hammock ( story goes back to Carolina Low Country more than 130 years ago. Joshua John Ward, a river boat captain, simply wanted a good night’s sleep during sultry summers. He set out with some rope and wood, a little gumption and grit and soon fashioned what would become the basis for our company— the rope hammock—a hand woven bed, two wooden spreader bars, a clew knot with a ring for hanging the hammock. Pretty simple when you think about it. Ever since Cap’n Josh handcrafted his first hammocks they have been the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

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Our Rope

Our weavers use a better-quality rope, and more of it then you’ll find in most any other hammock made. To put some numbers on it, our hammock bodies average 10-15 percent heavier than those of even our closest competitor, and a full 50 percent heavier than the majority of other rope hammocks on the market.

You can easily see the difference in rope quantity when comparing an Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock with that of other brands. Count the number of holes on one of our hammock spreader bars, and measure the distance from hole-center to hole-center. We drill our spreader holes 2½ inches apart, from center to center; other companies generally run 3 to even 4 inches between holes. More holes automatically means more rope is being used – and more rope means a stronger, more stable, more comfortable hammock.

But how do we really know it’s better rope? Because we make it all ourselves! We start with miles of quality yarns, which are machine-wound into three separate plies that are then precision-twisted and balanced to a strength exceeding even exacting U.S. military standards. We offer our exceptional three-ply rope in traditional cotton, as well as in soft-spun white polyester and several colors of our remarkable new-generation synthetic DuraCord®, our top-of-the-line rope.

Our Wood

  • White oak: We use only this gorgeous Southern hardwood for our hammock spreader bars, swings and rockers.
  • And lots of it: Our spreader bars run thicker than those of other hammock-makers. That not only makes our spreaders sturdier, but also able to support more holes for rope.
  • Superior drilling: We use a specially designed countersink drill for the rope holes in our hammock spreaders. Other manufacturers favor a countersink-drilling style that creates a downward slope ending at an abrupt angle; our drill holes also start wide, but then transition smoothly, with no hard angles, so the ropes passing through aren’t constantly wearing against sharp edges.
  • A lasting glow: All of our hammock, swing and rocker wood pieces are repeatedly hand-dipped in marine-grade varnish, for a warming honey glow that doubles as solid protection against the elements.

About The Original Pawley Island

In addition to the Original Rope Hammocks, our collections, which have grown with simpler times in mind, now include a variety of fabric hammocks and decorative pillows. And because Carolina Low Country is about sitting-a-spell, dropping in on neighbors and sharing a meal with friends and family, we introduced HDPE better-than-wood furniture several years back.

Original Pawleys Island Furniture, steeped in Low Country tradition is generous in proportion, long on durability and rich in design. From casual seating that lends itself to hours of conversations to outdoor dining sets where the best of friendships are cemented with a meal and a toast, our craftsmen and designers keep these simple experiences in mind.

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