The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation Marks Legal Victories By The NYU Family Defense Clinic It Supports

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation announces several legal victories resulting from its contributions to the…

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation announces several legal victories resulting from its contributions to the Family Defense Clinic at NYU. The funding has facilitated recent wins in overturning injustices within children’s welfare and setting new precedent to protect parents’ and children’s rights. Out-of-state, non-custodial parental rights, the right to a prompt hearing in cases of separation, and the rights of unmarried fathers in cases of custody were all impacted.

«Each of these cases represent an important opportunity to uphold the constitutionally protected rights of children and parents,» said Elie Hirschfeld. «We are reversing discriminatory practices, demanding respect for existing statutory rights, and expediting justice.»

The Family Defense Clinic has worked for the past twenty years to advocate for poor families and families of color, offering the protection against unwelcome state intervention typically available only to wealthier parents and children. Recent successes afforded through the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation‘s Family Defense Clinic Fellowship have been focused on targeting appellate litigation in which New York family courts had allowed children’s welfare practices to intervene in family life by overextending state authority.

About the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation:

According to Elie Hirschfeld, philanthropy is about the voluntary promotion of humanity’s welfare. The Foundation’s values center on community enhancement and support, with four focus areas of giving: Education, Healthcare, Jewish Causes, and Athletics. Mr. Hirschfeld’s intent is that ongoing contributions will enhance, promote and grow organizations that make a positive impact on individuals and their larger communities. With a personal history of giving that goes back to his years as a student serving as President of Brown University’s Hillel chapter, Elie has remained inspired by that organization’s commitment to enriching the Jewish people and repairing the world. Elie believes that giving back to the community, and to humanity, offers both personal and societal enrichment. He created the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation as a means of expanding upon these efforts.

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