Radiusafe: New Technology Helps Keep Employees Safe in the Age of COVID-19

HOLLAND, Mich., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s face it, maintaining social distancing in the workplace can be very difficult.  As an…

HOLLAND, Mich., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s face it, maintaining social distancing in the workplace can be very difficult.  As an employer, you have an obligation to keep a safe workplace.  But how do you enforce social distancing?  How do you hold employees accountable?  And when management isn’t watching, how do co-workers police themselves?  Everyone has examples of times when colleagues broke social distancing rules and got too close.  It happens all the time in office environments, factories, classrooms, kitchens, and most workplaces.

RADIUSAFE solves this problem.  Employees wear the patented Radiusafe.  If they get too close to another employee, the unit either vibrates or beeps.  No personal data is saved, no difficult tech implementation.  Just open up the box and go. 

On each Radiusafe unit, the built-in Nextometer lightbar graphically shows how close co-workers are to each other.   Red means too close, yellow=watch out, green: all good.   Want to have a meeting but want to make sure everyone is at least six feet away?  Watch the Nextometer lights and make sure everyone is sitting far enough away.  Setting up a work cell in a factory?  Watch the Nextometer and make sure everyone is practicing social distancing. 

There’s even a button which, when pushed, reports how many interactions each Radiusafe wearer has had over the course of the day.  This idea allows for immediate feedback on how employees are doing maintaining social distancing.  There’s no need to connect the device to a smartphone or a computer, simply press a button on the device.  Have the meeting, set up the work cell, let employees do their job and then check back in and see how they’re doing practicing social distancing!  Sick employee?  Data can be downloaded showing who interacted with whom.

Radiusafe is perfect for a variety of applications:

  • Manufacturing: Radiusafe was designed with manufacturing environments in mind. Perfect for factories where jewelry and watches are prohibited.
  • Classrooms
  • Financial services: banking centers, trading floors
  • Kitchens, food service operations
  • Newsrooms, broadcast centers
  • Law firms: client meetings, depositions, paralegal «bullpens»

Radiusafe is a patented product and is manufactured in Italy by Cypag, a 30-year leader in innovating industrial products.  Radiusafe can be purchased online at http://www.radiusafeusa.com

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