Phoenix Contact forges ahead with corporate action to protect the climate: Component and solution portfolio for the climate and energy revolution, and entry into the «Foundation 2°» corporate alliance

BLOMBERG, Germany, May 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Contact has assumed the responsibility to act now to prevent global warming…

BLOMBERG, Germany, May 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Contact has assumed the responsibility to act now to prevent global warming and to drive forward the energy revolution. To this end, the corporate strategy is based on the principle of the «All Electric Society» – the vision that enough energy can be generated from renewable sources to stop global warming through comprehensive electrification of the world. Phoenix Contact is aligning its portfolio of components and solutions to this principle and is thus empowering industries to help protect the climate through digitalization.

Frank Stührenberg – CEO at Phoenix Contact

In order to extend its active role on the road towards the energy and climate revolution, Phoenix Contact has become a corporate sponsor of the Foundation 2° initiative. This initiative, founded by Dr. Michael Otto (Otto Group Hamburg, Germany), intends to call on politicians to establish effective market-oriented framework conditions for climate protection. «We are incredibly pleased that Phoenix Contact has become a Foundation 2° corporate sponsor. Enabling technologies for e-mobility, renewable energies, and smart buildings will be essential factors in reducing carbon emissions in crucial areas of the economy and society in general within the next few years,» said Sabine Nallinger, Chair of the Foundation 2°, adding, «Phoenix Contact is absolutely convinced that companies should actively campaign for climate neutrality and thus set an example for others. This includes a clear commitment from the company’s management team.»

CEO Frank Stührenberg agrees with this obligation. «The technical dimensions of the climate and energy revolution turn challenges into outstanding opportunities. The All Electric Society vision answers all of the key questions facing our future, because carbon-neutral energy will be the key factor to reconcile climate protection and global prosperity. Phoenix Contact is on the front line of this movement – empowering its partners and customers. Our collaboration with Foundation 2° is a further step in this direction.»

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