Enhanced Labs Blitz Continues: 2 Mr. Olympia Champ Big Ramy Product Drops, Opens in India and Iraq, Announces Show Sponsorships

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the period from 2020 to 2021, 2 things hit the sports supplement…

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the period from 2020 to 2021, 2 things hit the sports supplement business like freight trains: COVID and the meteoric rise of ENHANCED LABS (www.getenhanced.shop), the supplement company sponsor of Mr. Olympia 2020 Big Ramy and bodybuilding royalty Dennis James.

Since signing Mr. Olympia Big Ramy in Q1 2021, Enhanced Labs has already dropped three collaborative products with the champion body builder from Egypt:

  1. Enhanced Isolate, a 3 lb, 1 net gram of carb whey isolate;
  2. Ramy’s Whey, a 5lb complex for international customers only;
  3. Ramy’s Rage, a high-stim pre-workout with 30 scoops for less than $27;
  4. Ramy’s Rage pump, a stim-free, creatine-filled, pump pre-workout product.

It is more common for collaborations with athletes to take 4-6 months, not 2-3. Enhanced is proving to move at a different pace.

International Community Continues to Rapidly Adopt Ramy-Branded Enhanced

Many eyebrows were raised at the signing of Big Ramy because it was unknown how he could impact a US supplement company when much of the focus domestically is on e-commerce d2c.

In May, Enhanced Labs launched Enhanced Labs of India with their Indian partner in New Delhi, and now all customers in the country have direct access to Enhanced Labs products from http://www.getenhanced.co.in and no longer have to wait for customs clearance, or pay VAT border taxes. Enhanced is in India for the Indian people from New Delhi direct. It is unlikely that would have happened without Big Ramy.

In June, Enhanced labs announced a distribution deal to the nation of Iraq with the Zayona group and a distribution deal in Kuwait.  These two already operational distributions are in addition to the upcoming launching of Enhanced Emirates, and an Egyptian distribution deal. In total, the values of the contracts in Iraq, India, Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE are valued at over $12m over the remaining life of their contract with Big Ramy.

Enhanced to be extremely present during the show season – Internationally.

Enhanced is a mid-level sponsor for the upcoming Mr. Olympia event in Florida, and are bringing the reigning champ. Their booth is expected to have Big Ramy, Dennis James, Craig Golias, and Florida-based Carolyne Marquez in the booth.

Enhanced is also bringing Big Ramy and Dennis James to the Dubai Muscle Show three weeks after Olympia. And for the Junior Olympia Portugal event, Enhanced Labs is the primary sponsor of the bikini event and the brand has eleven – that’s 11 – sponsored athletes competing in the show.

What is next?

According to Enhance executives, the trailing 18 months have been a steady 40% growth rate; 40% per quarter. That may be one of the fastest growing supplement brands in the industry, especially in the semi-subcategory of bodybuilding sports supplements. Enhanced is not done with Big Ramy product drops, announcing HUGE GAINZ BY RAMY Mass Gainer coming to international markets in Q3 of 2021, and there is a planned US tour with Big Ramy in August.

But Enhanced may be looking to pivot into more mainstream circles. They recently were awarded a trademark on the name SLIN for their glucose disposal agent, and have setup a distribution site at https://www.slin.shop which appears to be targeting a more mainstream audience.

Look for the next Enhanced Product, a collab with Dennis James, on an EAA product within the next several weeks.

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