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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A home is a primary human need, even more important than having…

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A home is a primary human need, even more important than having a homeland. Living space is a vital shelter; it is our immediate personal environment. The perceptions of a home are under our control and they make the most impact of our lives irrespective of the space. Whether it’s a shared apartment or an owned compound family home, designing spaces with the well-being of others in mind is essential for reaching co-living harmony.

Clearly one’s personal interpretation of the outside world is reflected in one’s home and reveals his or her personal life goals. Providing a safe and secure home environment for our families, and in particular children, fosters the participation in the educational, social, economic and community aspects of life. Therefore, Charles strongly emphasizing on the relationship between people and homes.

Our home defines the physical as well as the psychological space that we shape according to our needs. Importantly, a healthy home means both the physical space and how people within it live and communicate for peaceful and successful co-existence. 

We are living in a world of endless competition under constant pressure, which could be exhausting for many people. Therefore, it is imperative to draw a line on the areas to focus on making a home worth living. Four key dimensions to consider include relationships, place, space, and things. The relationship between the people at home determines what we feel about a home and not just what we do when therein. When choosing a place to live certain factors like affordability, availability of essential social amenities, and convenience are paramount. Perhaps some people think that more space is always better but how one feels about the space makes the difference since there is acceptance and priority setting for better interaction with those around us. Moreover, some people hold onto things that trigger memories in the past, nonetheless, focusing on what’s important gives one happiness, fulfilment and freedom. Charles is providing a unique approach to brokering homes, which reduces unnecessary efforts and saves money.

«I don’t want my customers to feel like a mouse spinning on a wheel, I offer freedom and happiness for my clients.»

The importance of a home has been emphasized with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in majority of the people working from home. The transition has not been easy for most of the employees with the majority experiencing challenges in getting the work done and maintaining work and family life balance. Having homes that are conducive for living, working, playing, and studying will become a priority with predicted changes in the future of work, whereby online working will be prioritized by many. Use of technology in homes affects the relationship within and outside the home environment. For a long time, the use of technology has been blamed for breaking relationships but its benefits cannot be overlooked. Home connectivity has brought advances in many aspects of family life including education, work, communication, child development and entertainment.

In conclusion, it is evident that most people love the homes they live in, hence the essence to create a better life at home. Charles’ mission is to support the dreams and realizations of his clients; everyone deserves better living. Together we can do it!

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