Cosmoprof Asia: Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop are proud to present their newest patented innovations — SWIVEL LIP, MID EVENING and MIRROR-MIRROR

HONG KONG, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop are proud to present THREE of their newest patented…

HONG KONG, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop are proud to present THREE of their newest patented innovations at Cosmoprof Asia. SWIVEL LIP is the new refillable, environmentally sustainable lipstick applicator and makeup compact innovation. MID EVENING, is the elegant modular compact wallet. MIRROR-MIRROR, is the innovative modular display mirror compacts.

Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop


Swivel Lip and Swivel Makeup. The diagram shows how it opens. Showing the standard, mini, and cosmetic compact designs. Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop will customize the design to customers' brand.


Unhinge Me Mirror-Mirror compact mirror, Mid Evening modular wallet, Unhinge Me Compact and Palette. Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop will customize the design to customers' brand.

These ground-breaking innovations are available for license or customized manufacturing at the global manufacturing partner facilities.

SWIVEL LIP comprises a 3-piece, inexpensive, refillable, environmentally sustainable packaging system that offers a new way for a customer to apply makeup and refill the product.

Instead of the traditional screw package, SWIVEL LIP incorporates a cover that is attached to the base by a pivotable hinge. To open the package, the consumer swivels the cover around and adjusts the lip bullet to the desired height. After they apply the lipstick, they swivel the cover closed again.

When the product is used up, the customer easily pops out the expended lipstick cartridge from the base, then snaps in the new lipstick cartridge using a specially designed and mailable holder that protects the product until it is securely inserted into the package.    

Likewise, the SWIVEL MAKEUP compacts swivel open to expose one or more refillable compact pans. This innovation can be incorporated with a brush or mirror.

  • The low-cost standard design consists of three easily moldable parts.
  • It is refillable. Just snap prefilled cup into the device and close.
  • Fillable manually or automatically with minimal equipment modifications necessary.
  • Moldable from eco-friendly materials such as polypropylene and PCR.


The MID EVENING is the next generation modular package. This new design allows customers to magnetically insert and secure Unhinge Me’s magnetic trays into a flexible wallet. 

  • The wallet opens into a small, portable cosmetics center, which allows customers to conveniently access multiple stacked layers of cosmetic protect.
  • Each plastic or paper layer acts as a self-contained refillable package.
  • This elegant color compact case can also hold cosmetic accessories such as brushes and mirrors, medication, credit cards, pens, and even a protective face mask.
  • This concept can be designed in a multitude of sizes and shapes. 


This is the new modular, combination compact – table display mirror. It is more than a simple clam shell reflection device. The mirror compacts don’t use pin hinges. Instead, they turn about specially designed mechanically detachable pivots.

  • The simple inexpensive two-piece mirrors can be separated at the pivot and reconnected in multiple adjustable positions so the consumer can hold as a hand mirror.
  • The consumer can connect and set onto a tabletop for hands-free viewing
  • Available in both magnetic and, the new environmentally sustainable non-magnetic versions.
  • Design them as hearts, circles, animals, or any other shape or figure. No flat edges are necessary since there are no pin hinges.

The innovative and utility-patented products are available for MANUFACTURE by the worldwide network of quality partner factories. Alternatively, customers may choose to LICENSE the innovation from Concept Workshop.

Mosaic Development in Hong Kong and New York based Concept Workshop Worldwide have developed, licensed, and manufactured innovative and propriety products, packaging, and digital devices for over twenty years and serviced the international healthcare, cosmetics, and packaging industries. The organization is happy to work with both large name-brand companies, as well as small new startups with a brilliant new idea.

Contact Mosaic Development and Concept Workshop at Or customers can visit the website at, or the Facebook page for more information.


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