Back to School Students in Homeschool and Learning Pods Are Using TreasureBeam’s Pocarews Motivation System During Covid-19

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TreasureBeam Inc.’s Pocarews™  Point Card Reward System is growing fast as students get back…

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TreasureBeam Inc.’s Pocarews™  Point Card Reward System is growing fast as students get back to school. We all must adjust as the Covid-19 virus has impacted education in every city across America. Pocarews™ can really benefit students and teachers. «School has changed, but learning can’t stop» said Will Crampton, CEO of TreasureBeam.

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Pocarews™ is helping kids in homeschool and learning pods behave well at home, stay on track, and excel in school. Pocarews is part of a system developed for children 3 to 11 years old that includes the reward cards, storage bag, Wish Book, and the Pocarews Parent Book; Rewarding Good Habits for Successful Kids. Parents, teachers, schools, and after school programs can all use Pocarews™ to keep kids focused. The colorful characters, convenient size and zipper storage bag all work together to keep kids engaged.

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With a 5-Star rating on, parents are raving about Pocarews™ !

Actual customers tell it best:

Natalie L says, «It’s a Game Changer», and «This product was recommended by a friend! We are obsessed. Not only is it easier to keep up with than other rewards systems, it’s also teaching math skills to my kids as they calculate their points accrued!»

Katherine B tells us Pocarews is a; «Great Reward System», and «The cards were great quality with fun illustrations. My son loves earning them and then spending the points for prizes

Gabriella might be a novelist. She wrote; «Best Reward Tool, Must Have For Kids». «My kids love Pocarews cards, they work really well. We have three families starting a Learning Pod and will bring in one or two more families. They all will go to third grade together, but it will be online learning starting at the end of August. Each family already got Pocarews and they are working great. The kids like the characters and getting rewarded for daily actions. One says he wants to get a bike with the points he earns, two others want video games, and the last one wants books. This is the best reward tool for kids!»

Many kids want to start in-person classes as soon as they can. For now, before the kids all get back to school after this difficult time, Pocarews can help students and families keep focused and on track in their schoolwork.

Pocarews™ has one more important function, it links kids earning point cards in the Pocarews system and getting STEM / STEAM toys and equipment. TreasureBeam is partnering with STEM / STEAM toy and equipment companies to get donations and discounts for kids who use the point cards they earn toward STEM / STEAM toys and equipment for themselves and their schools. Pocarews™ can help America’s 50 million school age kids build good habits and learn STEM / STEAM skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Will Crampton has had a 25-year career managing training businesses and schools in the USA and throughout Asia. He is an expert on education for the workforce of tomorrow. Over 3 million students have learned from materials written by him in book, online, and mobile device formats. Mr. Crampton is CEO of TreasureBeam, Inc. TreasureBeam produced the Pocarews™ system, and just published the Pocarews parent book «Rewarding Good Habits for Successful Kids» to accompany the Pocarews card sets.

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